Where the World's Greatest Bushpilots can tell their stories

BUSHPILOTS INVITED!  Do you have some good bushpilot stories to tell?  Have you ever flown small or large aircraft in the bush, either military or civilian?  How about flying fish in the North?  Desert flying?  Africa, South America, Southeast Asia?

Send your stories to me, either under a pseudonym or your real name and I will publish them here.  Long or short, funny or serious; this is the place where you can finally tell your tales.  If you have any, please send accompanying photos which will bring your stories alive.  Just attach them to an email please!

The stories below are true life told by the bushpilots who lived them.  More added as they come in:

Ron Fox, Alaska Series:
  Heading for the Last Frontier: Alaska Photos that accompany this story are in The Bushpilot Photo Album
  Bush Bound - Fox gets a bush job.  Photos that accompany this story are in  The Bushpilot Photo Album

Jungle Jim, Bushpilot Series:  Jungle Jim Photo Album
    Squall Line - Jim runs for his money.
    Focusing Without Looking - Jim Spirals down to the deck out of the soup.

Installments From The Edge:  A Mercenary Pilot's Ongoing Adventure Series!
     Installment #1 Heading for Africa

Tales from the North:  Aviation Adventure Series By Michael Chaput
                Look for Michael's Photo Album soon


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