Native American Burial Ceremony for Ralph Thomas
October 14, 2006

Wild Bill Cady in a Mercedes 320 made the drive up into the mountains from Placerville quite enjoyable

Up into the El Dorado National Forest, Highway 88

Silver Lake

Caples Lake

First Stop, just above Caples Lake on the Old Emigrant Trail where Ralph Thomas used to camp often

The first ceremony, a meal blessing
Native American Shaman, Martin Martinez
 with Ron Nagotte of Stateline Productions video taping

The food offering, Ralph's favorite meal of lamb and vegetables made by his wife, Jacqui

Jacqui and her friend Rebeka with Charlotte Whipple

Life-long friend of Ralph's, Gail Wallace

The food offering, after blessing, was placed on the ground with some of Ralph's ashes to return him to the forest through the forest animals

We returned to Caples Lake Lodge before heading up the mountain to Sneider Ridge

The road up to Sneider Ridge, one of Ralph's favorite camping spots was open

The huge boulders on Sneider Ridge

Ron Whipple explains to Jacqui and Rebeka the use of the "chip flipper"

Ron explains how we used to hunt for grind holes in granite boulders to locate Indian summer hunting camps

Jacqui prepares to spread some of Ralph's ashes around the woods he loved

The view of Caples Lake from Sneider Ridge, near the tree line at 9,000 feet

The group dined at the Kirkwood Inn Saturday night

The view from Kit Carsen Pass

The trek down the hill back towards Placerville

Poor Red's Bar-B-Que, home of the Gold Cadillac


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