Red Devil, Alaska in the Fall.  I know I've got this photo somewhere else in here, but it's one of my best.......

Flat, Alaska and the famous Chicken Mountain where dirt is still bulldozed from the mountainside and run over sluice boxes to extract a surprising amount of gold;  (no one really knows how much).

Miner's quarters in Flat, Alaska

Hub Air Service.  Two Cherokee Six-300's, a 235, (not shown), a 180, ( not shown), an old Geronimo, a Luscombe, (not shown) and a Cub on the ramp in front of our hangar.

A little ad I made for Smitty showing our Cherokee Six - 300's.

McGrath in the midnight sun.

McGrath in the winter

Winter meat locker.  Refrigeration not required until late Spring.

The village of Nikolai, Alaska in the Kuskoquim River Valley.

Approaching Nikolai from the air.  The strip was almost a half-mile long.

The village school teacher made this sign.  Note the spelling of International.

All the kids loved the mailplane pilot.

More kids with the mailman.

The poor little airplane that could.  A 1949 all metal Luscombe carrying a foot of snow outside our hangar in McGrath.

Lockeed A-10 with Provincetown - Boston Airways painted on it's side at Stony River in 1979.

 PBA Lockheed A-10 Interior.

Lockheed A-10 Cockpit.

PBA A-10 awaiting it's next job.

River settlement on the Yukon.

Original Russian Orthodox Church.  Note the cross on the roof,  (from the 1800's).

Russian Orthodox Church well preserved inside and out.

Stony River strip.  Wide and long, but full of loose gravel.

Stony River

  Sign at Telida giving the mileage to the nearest Wall Drug Store in South Dakota.

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