Canoeing in Alaska

Collapsable canoe by Ally of Canada; weighs 34 pounds and can be carried on your back or in a small airplane but can hold 650 pounds payload.  We flew it from McGrath to Takotna, 12 air miles,  to begin our 3-day river trip, 70 miles to McGrath on the meandering Takotna River.

Loaded and crew mate ready.

Pushing off into the river.

Log cabin on the banks of the Takotna River.

Beaver dam on the banks of the Takotna River.

Moose in front of us almost out of the river.

Moose made it across the river in front of us.

Rest stop along the banks at a gravel bar.

Welcome gravel bar rest stop along the river.

Dinner on the fly.  We trailed a very small Mepps #1 lure about 40 feet behind our canoe as we paddled down river.  When we caught three, dinner was in the bag.....

Two down, one to go...

Big fish of the day to complete our dinner shopping.

Takotna River through the forest.

Further along the trip down the Takotna River.

Takotna River camp in late afternoon.

3 of these Arctic Grayling made a fine meal for two cooked in butter with just a little onion salt.

Takotna River at night.

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