The Candle Mine Hike

First stop off the river to eat excessive weight in canned goods.  Candle Mine Hike,  June 1979.

Ready to hike.  The Candle Mine Hike.

Off on the trail to the Candle Mine.  Note the gold pan and meat cooking rack below bedroll.

Camping on the Candle Mine Trail.  Note the slouch of the tent.  With no ground to use stakes, the tent cords had to be tied to the vegetation which was very loose.  Our campfire slowly burned into the tundra and met the water table just a couple of feet down.

View of Tatalina Mountain from the Candle Mine Trail.  Tataline Air Force Radar Station is right on top.

Tatalina Air Force Radar Station on top of Tatalina Mountain.

Looking down from Tatalina Mountain into the Kuskoquim River Valley.  Dirt road on lower right of photo goes to the Kuskoquim River where supplies are barged up the river during the summer.  Air Force C-130s land on top of the Tatalina mountain dirt strip, scraped off a ridge of the mountain for perishable supplies and personnel transfers.

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