ALASKA - Miscellaneous

Snowmobile, airplane, or boat; take your pick.  Those are your only choices for travel through most of Alaska.

This 1937 Chevy had less than 12,000 original miles on her in Flat, Alaska in 1979, but Flat only had a couple of miles of road.  It still had the original interior too, but the radio didn't work.

Ron Fox's living room of the hangar apartment at Hub Air Service in McGrath, Alaska in 1979, (formerly the powerplant shop).

Basic bedroom in the hangar apartment at Hub Air Service in McGrath, Alaska, 1979.

McGrath kitty Fox adopted.

Typical ramshackle cabin

We are not talking FHA homes here.

Simple living...

Ranch style...

Floating gold dredge which would dig it's own puddle to float in.

Gold dredge.  Note the digging buckets on the chains of the arm to the left.  The dredge would dig it's own puddle, pass the dirt and gravel back to the sluice box, pump water from below to wash the dirt from the placer gold in the sluice box, and dump the tailings behind itself, filling in the puddle as it moved along.

Mud Sparrow homes underneath a roof overhang.  Note the middle home is occupied.

Mud Sparrow coming home

Mud Sparrow leaving home

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